TANDEMBOX plus | The versatile pull-out system

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The versatile pull-out system

TANDEMBOX is a versatile system for constructing drawers, inner drawers, high fronted pull-outs and inner pull-outs of the highest quality. With the integrated BLUMOTION, the system closes silently and effortlessly.

For improved organisation and overview, TANDEMBOX can also be equipped with ORGA-LINE inner dividing systems. 

Now with SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical opening support system

Now with TIP-ON, the mechanical opening support system

Click here for more information on: Programme Overview, Installation and Assembly.

Advantages for the kitchen user:

  • Unsurpassed running action using the TANDEM runner principle

  • Silent and effortless closing thanks to BLUMOTION

  • Full extension for a good view and direct access

  • SERVO-DRIVE for comfortable opening

  • Excellent durability



Advantages for the manufacturer/fitter:

  • Comprehensive programme for many applications

  • Simple assembly, easy setup