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Always different, always unique

TANDEMBOX intivo offers new, versatile design and differentiation opportunities for pull-outs.

TANDEMBOX intivo creates a timelessly simple and uniform appearance when used in combination with BOXCAP, a matched add-on element for the drawer side. Alternatively, creative accents can be achieved by using BOXCOVER, in combination with almost any material.

Click here for more information on: Design Configurator Programme Overview, Installation and Assembly.

Advantages for the kitchen user:

  • Individual design options using either BOXCAP or BOXCOVER

  • Various design elements are available from Blum

  • Simple design and balanced proportions

  • 3 drawer side colours and/or materials (silk white, terra black and stainless steel)

  • Continuity of material and colour (BOXCAP and BOXCOVER matched to the drawer side material)

  • Seamless design (smooth transition between BOXCAP/BOXCOVER and drawer side)