CLIP top BLUMOTION | "Everything inside" new integrated hinge

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"Everything inside" new integrated hinge

The CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge is setting new benchmarks: This sophisticated technology for perfect motion is now integrated into the smallest possible space – discreetly in the hinge boss. CLIP top BLUMOTION opens up so many more design possibilities for doors.

Thicker doors can be opened collision-free thanks to the new pivoting point. For small doors, the BLUMOTION function can be easily deactivated via a switch on the hinge boss.

Click here for more information on: Programme Overview, Installation and Assembly.

Advantages for the kitchen user:

  • BLUMOTION integrated into the hinge boss for silent and effortless closing action

  • Proven Blum quality








Advantages for the manufacturer/fitter:

  • Proven easy assembly and adjustment

  • Deactivation option for BLUMOTION

  • New pivoting point for thicker doors

  • Minimum boss drilling depth of 13mm

  • Compatible with existing mounting plates

  • Extremely reliable CLIP mechanism